Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Cathedral

Santo Domingo de la Calzada owes its name to its founder, Domingo, and its raison d´être to the roadway along which pilgrims travel towards the tomb of Santiago the Apostle. This town is a major milestone on the Jacobean Route in La Rioja. It was born as a result of and in order to serve the Pilgrims’ Route as from the 10th century, which marks the beginning of its historical, urban, and architectural development. The Cathedral is therefore the most important milestone; it is defensive in nature and its interior is noted for the Renaissance altarpiece of Damián Forment and the Romanesque ambulatory with richly decorated capitals. In the crypt lies the sepulchre of Santo Domingo and a very curious touch is provided by the 15th-century Gothic henhouse, which even today still contains a live rooster and a chicken in memory of the saint’s miracle.

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