San Juan de Ortega. Monastery

In the 12th century San Juan de Ortega (Juan de Quintanaortuño), a disciple of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, devoted himself to repairing the roadway used by the pilgrims and founded the Monastery which today bears his name so as to take in travellers in the Montes de Oca. To this end he established a community of Regular Canons on the site where he was subsequently to be buried. This is borne out by a fine Romanesque sepulchre to which Isabel the Catholic added a mausoleum. A phenomenon of equinoctial light occurs twice a year to coincide with the spring and autumnal equinox; a beam of light enters through an ogive of one of the windows to light up little by little the Romanesque capital of the Annunciation.


Coordinates: 42.376421,-3.436714