Eurovelo friend


Who knows a territory better than its inhabitants? Who can speak with more friendliness and accuracy of its customs, habits, culture, folklore, gastronomy, places of special interest… than those who make up its human fabric, its social structure?

We would like you to help us to promote EuroVelo 1, this European route which brings people and cities together; people who inform of and recommend EuroVelo 1 to locals and tourists alike.


Anyone who wishes to do so can be a good host for the EuroVelo 1 route regardless of their age: people who know the towns, the villages, and the regions of EuroVelo 1; who know their most interesting spots and customs; and who want to help those who visit them to enjoy experiences and sustainable and environmentally-friendly tourism.

The work of a Friend of the EuroVelo 1 Route is carried out with good will and in an altruistic manner.

What must I do?

  • Be informed about the EuroVelo 1 Route.
  • Be friendly and hospitable to cycle tourists who visit us.
  • Inform, with rigour and truthfulness, and help cycle tourists if they need assistance during their visit to our town.
  • Encourage a cultural exchange; if you wish share your stories so as to enrich their experience in your town.
  • Put your faith in cycle touring as an activity which encourages the sustainable, economic, social, cultural, and environmental growth of our towns.
  • Whenever you can, take part in activities related to the EuroVelo 1 Route.
  • Contribute to disseminating information on the EuroVelo 1 Route by means of the various communication channels in which you take part.

How can I take part?

  • Fill in and validate the form you will find attached
  • You will obtain a EuroVelo 1 Friend diploma in your name

What do you get from being a local EV1 friend?

  • Information on the project and on the EuroVelo 1 route will be sent to the e-mail address you give us.
  • Priority inscription for the activities of getting to know the route which are organised.
  • Obtaining a local Friend diploma.